Sunday, June 26, 2022

Report: LaRussa was White Sox 2nd choice to Jim Fregosi who died in 2014

White Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf was waxing nostalgic this week as he pondered who his team's next manager should be.

Heckler Image: Ryan Dempster ‘Harry Caray Wannabe’ 2012 baseball card

Ryan Dempster's impression of Will Ferrell's impression of Harry Caray has been forever enshrined in a new baseball card.

‘Jameis Winston Defense Attorney’ listed as most secure job in America

"Mr. Winston is young, high profile, with great long-term earning potential and always seeming to get caught up in some sort of legal drama," said the publication's business editor Bill Freeman. "That's a defense attorney's dream right there."

National Guard sent to Winnetka after most recent Hawks celebration outburst

In the latest incident, at least two recycling bins and a hanging plant were tossed into the parking lot of a building housing a hot yoga business.

Mark Grace takes young Cubs under his wing during hiatus to teach slump-busting and...

When Spring Training was placed on lockdown due to the coronavirus, Grace started up an online four-week course called “Get in the Groove with Gracie” for a group of 10 Cubs rookies to teach them what it takes to become a big leaguer.

Will the Bears make the playoffs? 5 reasons to be optimistic and 5 to...

Here are five reasons to be excited for the remainder of the season and five reasons to load up on the Malort.

Giants fans skeptical Joe Judge is the man to bring franchise back to .500...

New York Giants executives have shown their confidence in new head coach Joe Judge this week after pegging him as the guy who can get the team back to its glory days of 8-8 records.