Friday, June 14, 2024

Local businesses impressed that StubHub is still finding ways to charge fees despite not...

While many businesses are taking a huge hit during the COVID-19 pandemic, StubHub is still going strong. How is a business that depends on people buying event tickets still thriving despite their being zero events in the world?

Soccer mom losing her cool, just wants to wash ‘a fucking stain out’

The stay at home order is hurting everyone differently.

Guy watching for DVD logo to hit corner of a screen no longer needs...

Like millions of citizens across the globe, Josh Michaels can barely remember watching sports. But at this point, he doesn’t care to remember them as he has found a satisfying alternative.

Hot Stove Shocker: Harper, Bryant quit baseball to become next Siegfried & Roy

At a Mirage Hotel press conference, home town heroes Harper and Bryant explained why they will now continue the legacy of iconic Las Vegas illusionists Siegfried & Roy rather than play baseball.

Cusack, Belushi celebrate lifelong, die-hard Loyola fan status

“Whoo-hoo! Did you SEE that win? The Ramblers are my team!” exclaimed Belushi by Skype, sporting his new, fresh-from-the-bookstore-via-FedEx Loyola t-shirt and brightly colored scarf. “And they always have been, in my sweet home Chicago.”

God to March Madness teams: ‘I’m only helping Loyola and Sister Jean’

God took a break from trying to fix the world today to send a message to all the NCAA basketball tournament teams that are not Loyola: “I’m not helping you.”

Media plans to milk ‘Wade back in Chicago’ storyline for entire season

"Chicago native Dwyane Wade sunk two critical free throws to defeat his non-hometown former team Thursday night, and one just has to be reminded that Wade, who grew up in Chicago, must have had mixed feelings," began an article on