Monday, March 30, 2020

Pick-less Bears uninvited to 2020 NFL Draft

"What's the point of having a team participate in the draft when they have no picks until day three in 2022?" Goodell said to reporters. "What's best for the NFL is to not allow the Bears to participate, all they do anyway is devour our war room catering, bet against themselves, and ask about the eligibility of division four players who don't exist."

Wellness Check Podcast: Jason from Clark Street Sports

Another day in quarantine means another Wellness Check, this one with Jason Caref who is a co-owner of Clark Street Sports. Listen here!

Cubs fan without Marquee Network unaware MLB season is postponed

Major League Baseball has been shut down more than two weeks and the regular season's start is completely up in the air, but that fact is lost on Renee Floyd of Ravenswood.

Second-Best Sports Town Update: Dallas, Philly, Oakland, D.C. advance

The first round of The Heckler’s Second-Best Sports Town Tournament is halfway finished and it’s been pure insanity. Thousands of votes have come in. How’s your town doing?

Wellness Check Podcast: Photographer Will Byington

Quarantine drags on but fear not as another Wellness Check is on the way. Today’s guest is Will Byington, a well-known photographer based on Chicago’s North Side. Listen here!

Darvish lands on injured list after stocking up on toilet paper at Costco

The Cubs announced this week that starting pitcher Yu Darvish has landed on the 60-day injured list after leaving self-isolation in the Phoenix area for a trip to the local Costco to stock up on household necessities.

Day 16 without sports: ESPN analysts rank other ESPN analysts and it gets ugly

After 16 days without sports, ESPN and their staff have finally reached a breaking point.