Tuesday, July 14, 2020

Redskins changing name to Washington Bullets

Following decades of backlash, Dan Snyder today announced the NFL team he owns will be changing its name from the Redskins to the Bullets.

Patient on ventilator ‘relieved’ to hear of MLB’s COVID testing issues

MLB's major problems with coronavirus testing come as an "odd relief" to a patient currently battling the disease with the help of a ventilator.

World Series title to go to whichever team has at least 9 healthy players...

As players opt out of the 2020 season and fall ill to COVID-19, MLB commissioner Rob Manfred announced Monday that this season will be a "war of attrition."

MLB agrees to play 2020 season in South Korea

Manfred added that before deciding to move to South Korea the league considered "much, much, much safer" countries than the United States including Angola (13 cases a day), Venezuela (100 cases a day), Namibia (5 cases a day) and Finland (8 cases a day).

Manfred successfully reduces length of MLB games to zero hours and zero minutes

Calling it "a major victory in efforts to significantly reduce the length of a typical game," MLB commissioner Rob Manfred today said he's extremely pleased with his efforts. Meanwhile, many fans are asking if Major League Baseball went too far in solving its pace of play issue by threatening to cancel the entire 2020 season?

Drew Brees apologizes for being better at reading defenses than he is at reading...

Drew Brees issued an apology Thursday morning after his comments about disrespecting the flag a day earlier sparked an immediate uproar as acceptance of Colin Kaepernick's protests from a few seasons ago seemed to be gaining more acceptance than ever.

Blackhawks hire McDonough back after making playoffs

During John McDonough's month away from the team, the Blackhawks somehow qualified for the postseason so the team was left with no choice but to bring back their former president.