When the “Check Engine” light suddenly appeared yesterday morning on the dashboard of Chicago Bears’ CEO George McCaskey’s 2011 Honda Accord, he knew exactly who to call to help start the process of making Chicago proud of his car again.

McCaskey appointed former NFL Executive of the Year, Bill Polian yesterday to help lead the search to find a qualified and honest auto repair shop in the Greater Lake Forest Area.

“He’s succeeded everywhere he’s been,” said McCaskey. “He had both of his brake axles on his 1992 Jeep Cherokee replaced in Buffalo for under $200 with a lifetime warranty. In Indy, he got a new alternator for his 2005 Chrysler 300 for less than $100, including labor. He also has the connections within the Car-Repair industry to find a hidden gem.”

McCaskey cited his past failures in auto maintenance including a costly “transmission replacement” in 2018 and his own lack of knowledge of automobiles and auto repair shops in the Lake Forest area despite having lived in the Lake Forest area and owned an automobile for over 40 years.

“I am just a Honda Accord fan,” McCaskey said. “I do not know any more about fixing them than the average Honda Accord fan does”

Polian promised “to cast as wide as net as possible” in selecting a new mechanic. The early front runner for the job is rumoured to be Bannockburn Auto Service which coincidentally is located in the same strip mall of the Starbucks frequented by Chicago Bears President Ted Phillips.