Monday, June 24, 2024

Bulls & Blackhawks fans receive bad news: United Center to re-open

"Today we make the disappointing announcement that the United Center will reopen for Blackhawks and Bulls fans," said Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot. "We hope the fans of these downtrodden organizations will accept our deepest condolences when forced to make the unenviable decision to return to a game to watch either of these pathetic teams attempt to compete at a professional level."

Blackhawks release Corey Crawford tribute video that’s just his 2013 Cup speech

As the Blackhawks part ways with goalie Corey Crawford, the team's marketing department rushed to compile a tribute video when someone had an idea.

Blackhawks hire McDonough back after making playoffs

During John McDonough's month away from the team, the Blackhawks somehow qualified for the postseason so the team was left with no choice but to bring back their former president.

Stephen A. Smith argues that with today’s rules, ’97-’98 Bulls would destroy ’14-’15 Chicago...

Fans and analysts love comparing players and teams from different eras, but Stephen A. Smith took these comparisons to a whole new level.

Jay Cutler moves in with McDonough during divorce proceedings

Jay Cutler nearly cracked a smile after John McDonough, recently fired as president of the Chicago Blackhawks, offered him a place to live during divorce proceedings.

Wellness Check Podcast: Christian Deme from Blackhawks FB page Joel Quenneville’s Mustache

Today's Wellness Check is with Christian Deme who runs the popular Blackhawks fan Facebook page Joel Quenneville's Mustache. Chris is the smartest Blackhawks fan we know so after talking about how he's handling the quarantine, Brand and Chris took a deep dive on all things Hawks. Listen here!

Bowman realizes he acquired the wrong Subban

Stan Bowman knew he made a mistake just a few minutes after meeting his newly acquired goalie Malcolm Subban.