Today’s Wellness Check is with Christian Deme who runs the popular Blackhawks fan Facebook page Joel Quenneville’s Mustache. Chris is the smartest Blackhawks fan we know so after talking about how he’s handling the quarantine, Brad and Chris took a deep dive on all things Hawks. Listen here!

First, the good news: Chris is really excited for the young defensive core the Blackhawks have in place, including the signing of draft pick Ian Mitchell. Chris also talks about how he feels about the offensive players and goalie and front office/coaching situations. Spoiler alert: Chris has a deeper take than “Stan sucks!” Brad and Chris also talked about how casual fans can tell if a coach or GM sucks, if it’s unique that the Hawks seem to bring back guys from some of their championship teams with mixed success at best, and much more. Follow JQM on Facebook at  and follow Chris on Twitter.

Also, Chris wanted to make sure he added this commentary to the photo of him kissing the Cup: “It was incredibly uncomfortable because I know the unwritten rules, but a Hawks rep asked me to do it for a newspaper photo op. My response was, ‘Wait, really? I’m allowed to? It doesn’t feel right.'”