Making his long-awaited return to the world of sports, an emotional Michael Jordan led the 1998 Chicago Bulls to the 2020 NBA Championship on Sunday.

Jordan dominated the first-half action with a human highlight reel, reminding fans why the five time MVP is generally regarded as the greatest basketball player of all time.

Even Jordan’s rivals were impressed with his performance.

“His balance, his footwork, his fundamentals … ” Los Angeles Lakers great Magic Johnson said. “The dude was just mmm, mmm, mmm.”

The second half saw the emergence of Scottie Pippen who showed fans why many view him as the greatest “No. 2” in NBA History.

The 1998 Bulls also received key contributions on Sunday from team members Steve Kerr and Bill Wennington along with former Presidents Bill Clinton and Barack Obama.

Bulls Management was quick to claim credit.

“Players don’t win championships, organizations do,” former Bulls GM Jerry Krause was quoted as saying. Krause later claimed he was misquoted.

The 1998 Bulls will return to action next Sunday on ESPN in an attempt to win the 2020 NCAA Basketball Championship.