Wednesday, July 17, 2024

Blackhawks sign 42-year-old Zamboni goalie after Lehner trade

Fresh from the success of his first NHL victory, would-be Carolina Hurricanes back-up to the back-up, 42-year-old emergency goalie Dave Ayres, was signed by the Blackhawks.

Called-up NHL player turned away at Customs due to missing note from parents

It was one of the most important calls of his career, until it wasn’t.

Blackhawks GM goes back in time to retrieve 2015 team

Using wormhole theory, Bowman is working to bring back the 2015 Stanley Cup team to help salvage this troubling season.

Don Cherry fired after decades of offensive fashion statements

Legendary "Hockey Night in Canada" commentator Don Cherry was fired today for decades of offensive fashion statements subjected on viewers of the show.

Cubs reduce price on something for first time ever

The Cubs announced Wednesday they’re reducing season ticket prices by 2.5 percent heading into the 2020 season, representing the team’s first price reduction on anything ever to fans.

NHL update: Tampa’s spelling woes continue

Recently, the Lightning had egg on their face by presenting a local former sheriff a jersey spelled as, "sherriff." Turns out, they also misspelled their own name. The team is actually the "Tampa Bay Lighting," with their logo being a dim bulb.

Bryan Bickell Full Interview: ‘Alex Burrows is just one of those guys you wanted...

Bryan talks about his journey from a town of 800 to the NHL, playing for part of a season in a Czech town no one can spell, fighting in the NHL, wanting to punch Alex Burrows, losing teeth, and much more.