Legendary “Hockey Night in Canada” commentator Don Cherry was fired today for decades of offensive fashion statements subjected on viewers of the CBC show.

“While Don’s legendary status transcends Canadian culture, we are in a day and age where tastes and preferences of all sorts must be respected,” said “Hockey Night in Canada” executive producer Gordy Campbell. “Unfortunately, after repeated warnings about his beyond questionable fashion choices, we were forced to ask Don to step down from our network.”

The 85-year-old insisted on making loud, unpopular fashion statements throughout his time on TV. While many fans loved Cherry’s offensive style, seemingly just as many were rubbed wrong by it. It was a polarization that CBC felt no longer fit their network.

“I just want everyone to understand how sorey we are all for this mess,” added Campbell. “Please make sure you spell that exactly how I said it: S-O-R-E-Y.”