Wednesday, April 17, 2024

Trump takes back Medal of Freedom after Tiger misses cut at PGA Championship

Less than two weeks after awarding Tiger Woods the Presidential Medal of Freedom for his unlikely Masters win last month, Donald Trump has revoked the award citing Woods' inability to make the...

Next year’s U.S. Open greens to feature novelty windmill, giant clown mouth golfers have...

"With Tiger Woods' career in a tailspin, we need to find a way to liven things up," said USGA CEO Mike Davis. "Wacky greens and freight trains rumbling through the course was just the beginning."

Golf Channel scales back Tiger Woods coverage to 23 hours a day

As for the critics and naysayers who worry that the new programming change just won't work, the Golf Channel has responded with an aggressive and diversified line-up to entice new fans, as they get further away from their Tiger dependency.

Mickelson neighbor tired of asking, ‘How was your weekend?’

"Sometimes, I'll be out here edging the lawn and I'll see him riding his John Deere in his Masters Jacket. 'Hey Arn, I've got two more of these.' He'll hold up two fingers. The guy is just insufferable."

The Heckler North Korea reports Tiger Woods shoots 61, fails to break Supreme Leader...

Editor's note: The following article is taken from The Heckler North Korea, which is under full control of Democratic People's Republic of Korea and publishes news at the full discretion of Respected Comrade Kim Jong-un.

Phil Mickelson shoots course record 48 before TV coverage begins for the day

During a morning of controversy at the Masters surrounding a two-stroke penalty for Tiger Woods triggered by a TV viewer's phone call, Phil Mickelson shot a Augusta National course record 48 with no cameras there to broadcast it live or gallery to see it in person.

Kobe can’t believe all this Tiger stuff

"Oh wow, Tiger dropped a little white ball two yards from where he was supposed to drop it?" asked Bryant. "And now they're having a big press conference about it and all the stations are treating it as if he murdered someone?"