This year’s U.S. Open was marred by numerous complaints over the condition of the greens at Chambers Bay, but USGA officials aren’t letting that stop their plans to add even more novelty to the event next year.

“With Tiger Woods’ career in a tailspin, we need to find a way to liven things up,” said USGA CEO Mike Davis. “Wacky greens and freight trains rumbling through the course was just the beginning.”

Davis said the 2016 U.S. Open at Oakmont Country Club in Pennsylvania will feature mini-golf style obstacles on greens as well as other ideas that are yet to be determined.

“Maybe we’ll let the gallery bring in air horns and vuvuzelas,” said Davis. “We have yet to decide all the ways will try to piss our golfers off next year, but rest assured we’ll try even harder than this year.”

Graphic by Joel Nielsen