Gordon Beckham added another game-winning hit to his resume on Sunday afternoon as the White Sox defeated the Rangers 3-2 in 11 innings.

Beckham’s walk-off home run provided the theatrics for the South Side Father’s Day matinee. But this was no coincidence as Beckham has sworn off playing on non-parental holidays.

“I love my mom. I love my dad. They mean the world to me,” said Beckham. “So why would I care if the rest of the world thinks I’m terrible at my job?”

Beckham was 6 for his last 46 at-bats, and 0 for 10 before his hit Sunday.

“This is exactly why we brought Gordon back,” White Sox VP of Marketing Brooks Boyer commented. “He provides a marketable face to the franchise, he excites the fans, and is occasionally decent between long periods of expected below average play.”

“Maybe it’s best if he only plays twice a year,” muttered Manager Robin Ventura. “Maybe it’s best if we all only play twice a year.”