Tuesday, July 14, 2020

MLB agrees to play 2020 season in South Korea

Manfred added that before deciding to move to South Korea the league considered "much, much, much safer" countries than the United States including Angola (13 cases a day), Venezuela (100 cases a day), Namibia (5 cases a day) and Finland (8 cases a day).

Wellness Check: Brad’s mom on Mother’s Day weekend

This weekend's Wellness Check is with Brad's mom, Julie Ehlert. Due to the quarantine, Brad won't be able to see his mom in person. She's been dealing with a series of health issues that are discussed in this Wellness Check. Listen here!

Wellness Check Podcast: Matt Szczur unintentionally makes Brad feel bad about himself

Today's Wellness Check is with Matt Szczur who's the kind of guy who inadvertently makes the rest of us feel like chumps. But he's so damn nice about it.

Belichick uses April Fools as cover up, claims his excitement for new QB Brian...

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick picked a perfect day to hold a press conference with his new starting quarterback, Brian Hoyer on April Fools Day as he shared his excitement for next season.

2016 Cubs officially the only team not to cheat to win a World Series...

With the shocking news that the 2018 Boston Red Sox were just another championship team from New England that probably cheated, it can now be reported that the only team to win a World Series honestly the past decade is none other than the 2016 Chicago Cubs.

Will the Bears make the playoffs? 5 reasons to be optimistic and 5 to...

Here are five reasons to be excited for the remainder of the season and five reasons to load up on the Malort.