Sunday, May 28, 2023

Gordon Beckham displays love of his parents by only playing on Mother’s and Father’s...

Beckham's walk-off home run provided the theatrics for the South Side Father's Day matinee. But this was no coincidence as Beckham has sworn off playing on non-parental holidays.

All 11 deflated footballs called to testify before Congress

The mood on Capitol Hill was somber Friday afternoon. A bipartisan committee of high-ranking officials from the Senate and the House demanded answers, and clearly there are no bigger priorities right now for our nation’s highly compensated public servants.

Goodell pushing for 18-game NFL preseason

"People want more football. Look at Green Bay. Now, granted, there is nothing, and I mean nothing, to do there. But the Packers have open practices that draw in excess of 50,000 people," Goodell said. "Fans have told us that our current product is not enough. You tell me the people of Buffalo, New Orleans or even a big market like Chicago don't want the preseason expanded? The attendance and the merchandise sold indicate they do."

8 Reasons Why the Love of Football is Better Than Any Other Relationship You’ve...

Relationships come and go, but love for your team or favorite athlete, that is something you hold forever. Need convincing? Well, then read on.

8 Classic Holiday Movies (If Athletes Were The Stars)

What if someone took classic holiday movies and replaced the main characters with athletes and coaches? Let's take a look!

The Most Perfect Baseball Card Of All Time?

The wood frame. The Hawk. And no nonsense whatsoever. One can almost hear him saying: "One picture, don't mess it up, and then it's back to turning in an MVP season, okay?"

Cubs Week In Review: Better than Houston, worse than St. Louis

The Redbirds, with a farm system filled with prized Holsteins, don’t show any signs of letting Chicago catch up with them, what with the Cubs' farm system as bare as Will Ferrell streaking in “Old School.”