Sunday, May 22, 2022

Report: Dempster must pass physical comedy before any trade is finalized

"Dempster is brilliant when it comes to pitching," said Cubs President Theo Epstein, "but he really needs to work on his practical jokes. He's been dry for sometime now."

2016 Cubs officially the only team not to cheat to win a World Series...

With the shocking news that the 2018 Boston Red Sox were just another championship team from New England that probably cheated, it can now be reported that the only team to win a World Series honestly the past decade is none other than the 2016 Chicago Cubs.

‘Severely depressed’ Cubs top draft choice pitches hissy-fit after pick

Shouting for his mommy and mumbling “Padres, please, Padres,” the 6-foot-5 third-baseman from the University of San Diego was given a timeout by his dad. Bryant was then put into a strait-jacket and carted off to a local hospital for observation.

Will the Bears make the playoffs? 5 reasons to be optimistic and 5 to...

Here are five reasons to be excited for the remainder of the season and five reasons to load up on the Malort.

Bears hire Urlacher as head groundskeeper to re-grow Soldier Field sod

"It's really easy," said Urlacher. "You just take thousands of blades of grass from healthier areas of the field and insert them one-by-one in the bare areas."

Belichick uses April Fools as cover up, claims his excitement for new QB Brian...

Patriots head coach Bill Belichick picked a perfect day to hold a press conference with his new starting quarterback, Brian Hoyer on April Fools Day as he shared his excitement for next season.

Cubs invent ‘long first’ position to get Tyler Colvin on field

In an attempt to capitalize on Tyler Colvin's hitting ability, Cubs GM Jim Hendry has petitioned the league to allow the youngster to play a newly created position.