In perhaps his boldest move to date, Bears GM Ryan Pace attempted to trade-in his newly acquired iPhone XR for an XS and two future phone upgrades. Despite the phone models offering very similar features, Pace cited his anxiousness to quickly improve and expand from 128GB to 256GB capacity.

“When you see the phone that’s right for you, you have to step up and go for it,” Pace stated emphatically. “Even if that means giving up your chance to upgrade for the next six years!”

AT&T was unable to comment on the specifics of Pace’s plan. However, they explained to him that future upgrades could not be traded and that it wasn’t how phone plans work. He must pay full retail price for the new phone.

“The real kicker of it is that I just upgraded [to the XR] a few months ago and was still obligated to pay for it,” admitted Pace. “It finally registered when my customer service rep referred to it as the Glennon-Parkey Plan.”

Heckler Brian