In a shocking turn of events, Cubs’ all-star shortstop Javy Baez has decided to quit baseball to pursue a career as a magician.

“I do enjoy baseball, but it’s more of a hobby to be honest,” Baez told reporters on Thursday’s off day prior to a pivotal three-game series against the Cardinals. “Growing up in Puerto Rico, my brothers and father wanted me to play baseball, every day the kids would play after school, they’d say ‘Javy, Javy, come play!’ But I didn’t really want to, I was too busy chasing after my rabbit.”

Cubs players and management were saddened by the news but some, like Anthony Rizzo, were not exactly surprised.

“I mean he is El Mago for a reason,” said the Cubs first baseman. “You know why he swings so early in the count don’t you? So he can get back to the dugout and show Contreras that his signed seven of clubs was in Willson’s pocket the whole time!”

Cubs manager Joe Maddon was supportive of Baez’s decision. When asked how Baez could quit the thing he is best at in life, Maddon said: “You’ve clearly never seen him do a magic trick.

And just like that, El Mago the baseball player has traded in his glove and bat for playing cards and a white dove–and now he is simply: El Mago.