Cubs middle infielder Addison Russell returned to the field Wednesday after serving a 40-game suspension for domestic violence. Many Cubs fans are torn on how to receive Russell, but not Bill Stanton.

“There’s no excuse for physically or emotionally abusing a woman,” said Stanton, of Roscoe Village. “I’ll be booing Russell all season long … unless he does something awesome.”

Russell went 0-for-3 with a walk in Wednesday night’s win over the Marlins, so Stanton was clear on how he’d have reacted had he been there in person.

“With a performance like that, I’d be booing all game long,” said Stanton. “But if he hits another grand slam like he did in the World Series or makes some acrobatic play in the field, I’ll be cheering like crazy. It’s all about having an appropriate response to a situation like this.”