Sunday, July 14, 2024

Heckler Column: The fall of Kobe Bryant

Oh, how far the mighty can fall due to selfishness. After recently reading an article about Kobe Bryant, (ESPN the Magazine), I can no longer ignore the Mamba’s problems. He’s out of control because he’s trying to hold on to it, and While the sports world spends it’s time defending Bryant, I believe the root of the Lakers problems is found in No. 24 himself.

Loco Rob Column: Catfish Hunter’s Legacy Must Not Be Tarnished by Contemporary Meaning of...

From time to time, current events inadvertently skewer the meaning of nouns that preexisted and have nothing to do with the latest trend.

Loco Rob Column: Here’s a digit for this park’s name

The name of the Mets spring training ballpark in Port St. Lucie is Digital Domain Park. You probably can’t believe it. Yes, without a doubt, it is the stupidest name in the history of anything that ever had a name. The only aspect of the name that makes sense is the part that ends in Park. Actually, the Mets should do the honorable thing and give two-thirds the money back to Digital Domain and just call the place “Park.”

Loco Rob Column: Thank you and hello

The right thing to do when quitting a column is to write a fifteen-minute resignation piece thanking your readers and saying goodbye in a hail of fireworks. You can all relax because I am not quitting. I just take long breaks between columns unless I feel like writing them a mere two months apart.

Loco Rob Column: Baseball is looking the other way on this question

By now the desire of millions of baseball fans was to know how far that homer flew, and the craving for such knowledge was relentless. Ten years ago, a major airline paid a huge chunk of change to the tape measure industry to sponsor the question. However, the discovery in February of hollowed bats and pine tar in the airline’s hangars abruptly ended its sponsoring by court order.

Heckler mailbag: Wood’s return, Ozzie getting fired and Koyie’s toe thumbs

We at The Heckler get unsolicited emails all the time. Usually they're from Sox fans who think we have a North Side bias. Those go straight to the trash. Sometimes, however, they're from people who actually want to talk about sports in an intelligent manner. We save those and today, we've actually answered some of them.

Loco Rob Column: Hawks power play is a gas, gas, gas

The Citgo Petroleum power play is the most ridiculous term in all of sports. In your dreams you hit the game winning grand slam, throw the game winning touchdown, score the winning basket and...