Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Join The Heckler at Next Year Day 2015 on April 4 at Cubby Bear

Do you like having fun? Are you looking for something to do next weekend? Do we have something for you!

Lester tells reporters amputated left arm ‘no big deal’

"There are a lot of ups and downs in baseball," said Lester, who signed a six-year, $155 million free agent deal with the Cubs this winter. "Unfortunately sometimes that involves health issues, like this bloody stump where my pitching arm used to be."

NFL tries to lure Jameis Winston to draft with promise of ‘free’ crab legs

"We have finalized the catering for the event, and there will be a whole mess of crab legs there from Shaw's. And if someone, say a Heisman Trophy winner with a history of controversy, were to take some extras home with him? Well, we made sure our event staff knows to let that happen. Heck, we're encouraging our attendees to take all the leftovers they can carry," said Goodell.

Reported Steve Bartman sightings increase amidst high expectations for Cubs

Once vilified and shunned by the city of Chicago for his role in the 2003 NLCS, reported sightings of ousted Cubs fan Steve Bartman have become more frequent than a 2011 Carlos Marmol blown...