Do you like having fun? Are you looking for something to do next weekend? Do we have something for you!

The Heckler’s 107th Annual Next Year Day will take place April 4 at Cubby Bear, beginning at 8 p.m. If you’ve attended this event before, you should have a good idea of what you’re in for:

  • Great live music by Too White Crew and NYD co-host Rick Telander’s Del Crustaceans
  • Fun games like “Bad Harry Caray Impression Contest,” “Pin the JumboTron in Front of the Rooftops,” “Jackie Robinson West Eligibility Contest” honoring the guest who traveled the farthest to get there, and much, much more
  • Great drink specials like $4 domestic tallboys and a $4 “Let’s Play Two” sangrias by Kappa Pisco
  • A tribute to Ernie Banks (other than the above mentioned aptly named sangria)
  • An exclusive appearance by our mascot Chug-Chug the Comeback Clown
  • A charity raffle benefitting Avanse with great prizes like awesome Cubs tickets from Gold Coast Tickets, jerseys from Clark Street Sports, John Hanley prints of Kris Bryant and Anthony Rizzo (signed!), A&R Collectibles’ awesome talking Lee Elia baseballs and more

If you’re not yet sold, I have answers to a couple questions you’re probably asking:

Q: “I went to Next Year Day a few years ago and had a lot of fun. However, now I’ve got a couple kids so what can I do with them while I’m out having the time of my life at this event?”
A: Fear not! We’ll have a Next Year Day childcare center supervised by Ronnie Woo-Woo. Just kidding. Get a sitter.

Q: “Where can I read more about this fabulous event?”
A: Great question! Visit or check out our Facebook invite for more info and updates as we have them.

Q: “Will Bill Murray be there?”
A: You’re asking that because he attended once before. Well, as you know, part of Bill’s charm is that he does whatever he damn well pleases, no matter how random it might be. We have no idea if Bill will be there. He’s certainly been invited, but even if he doesn’t show, we’ll have all sorts of other awesome people in the house and hopefully you’ll be one of them.

Q: “I’m not a Cubs fan. Will I still have fun?”
A: While there is no guarantee here, I am 99.99% sure all attendees will have fun at this event, Cubs fan or otherwise. We’ve had people show up in full White Sox gear who seemed to be having the time of their lives. If you’re there and not having fun, come see me at any point in the evening and I’ll give you one of my world famous high-fives, which have scientifically proven therapeutic benefits.

Q: “This seems too good to be true. Is there a cover?”
A: Yes! There is a measly $10 cover charge. You can prepay at to beat the lines and scoop up at least $15 in free stuff from and Parking Panda, which makes this pretty much the best deal of all time.

That’s it friends! We sure hope we’ll be seeing you next Saturday.