Tuesday, October 4, 2022

An Open Letter to Lingerie Football League Commissioner Mitch Mortaza

Tuesday afternoon The Heckler published a story about the Lingerie Football League. About two minutes later, their lawyers sent us a cease and desist. Here's what we think of that.

Loco Rob column: Cubs Band Aid approach isn’t brain surgery

The Cubs' only farm system is the repeat process of sending one of their own down to Iowa for rehab assignments.

Loco Rob column Yo soy no Ron Santo

I approached Ron Santo while exuberantly saying that I was with The Heckler. He looked at me like I was crazy.

Loco Rob column: Survival of the crankiest

Recent celebrated heroes include trapped-and-released miners, frills-deprived luxury cruise patrons and wedding-dress-destroyed-in-a-bridal-shop-fire-suffering brides-to-be.

Five Hours at the Bar With Wood: Gone country at Houndstooth

To paraphrase a wise comedic sage of our time: You might be a redneck bar if ...

Five Hours at the Bar With Wood: Double trouble at The Stretch and Roadhouse...

We did a double dip of 5 Hours this month, hitting up The Stretch (3485 N. Clark) and capping the night off with a trip down the street to Roadhouse 66 (3330 N. Clark). As expected, 5 Hours turned into 6, 7, until they all just kinda blended together. Go figure.

The Real Deal: 1-on-1 with Derrick Rose

In this interview, Rose compares the college game to the NBA, talks about his progress, and reveals the one thing he doesn't think he's going to get in his rookie season.