Patriots head coach Bill Belichick picked a perfect day to hold a press conference with his new starting quarterback, Brian Hoyer on April Fools Day as he shared his excitement for next season. He couldn’t help but release a few chuckles under his breath each time he responded to reporters.

“This is a new chapter for all of us, and our team isn’t any different this year than it was last year,” Belichick said with a snarky smile. “We are just focused on training camp and fitting Brian into the system.”

What Belichick really meant was, “We are screwed, we just signed Brian because Stidham sucks.”

Also, Belichick meant to say: “This could very well be a rebuilding year for us, but if anyone can make it to the playoffs with Brian Fucking Hoyer at the helm, it’s me, Bill Fucking Belichick.”