Another day in quarantine means another Wellness Check … today’s is with my dear friend Laurianne (also known as “Laurianimal”). Listen here!

Laurianne and I met in approximately 2008 at an early Heckler Spring Training Trip. She proceeded to attend 11 straight, taking a break this year. She’s promised to be back for 2021 and I hope you’ll join us! (More info here!).

Laurianne grew up on Chicago’s NW Side (Edison Park represent!) and has lived in L.A. for about 15 years. She has been hanging in there during the quarantine with her boyfriend in their cozy one-bedroom apartment.

Laurianne is a joy to be around so it surprised me a bit when she started off the interview by saying she’s “angry most of the time,” even though she did clarify that at but later. She’s turning 40 in three weeks and now has no plans due to the quarantine and she discussed how that makes her feel. Laurianne told the story of her first Spring Training Trip, involving a drunken Lakers game and packing her clothes in a laundry basket.

She also talked a few times about how she’s a patriot and what patriotic people like her should do during a pandemic and what she’d sacrifice for the quarantine to end and life to turn back to normal.

Speaking of “normal,” she talked about what it’s like to date a moose and how everyone should watch Rocky & Bullwinkle on Amazon Prime.