Like every other celebrity or professional athlete, Rockets’ guard James Harden wants to do whatever he can to help the world amid the coronavirus global pandemic. 

“I want to help the world the best I can,” said James Harden. “I know it’s not much, but just like everyone else, I will be socially distancing myself. However, I want to go one step further, even once we are back on the court playing, I realize we are never truly safe either from coronavirus or any other germs. Because of that, and to do my part for the world, I vow to never pass the ball to anyone ever again even if it costs my team a victory.”

Dr. Anthony Fauci heard Harden’s vow and replied by saying, “I really appreciate Mr. Harden’s dedication to social distancing. However, once basketball is being played again, it will be because we have beaten this thing well enough that we feel we can go back to our normal lives. While I always preach good health etiquette, it will not be necessary for Mr. Harden to not pass the ball to avoid passing germs.”

“I did hear what Dr. Fauci said, but truthfully I am willing to go above and beyond and stick to my word,” Harden said. “Mark my words, for the good of the world, I will never pass the ball again.”

Experts have also told Harden other practices like avoiding crowds and contact with random people should be avoided for the foreseeable future.

“It sounds to me like you’re saying I can’t go to strip clubs,” said Harden. “Is that what you’re saying because let’s be honest here: I’m never giving up strip clubs.”