Another day in quarantine means another Wellness Check. Today’s is with former Cub (and Royal, Met, Brewer, Padre and Rocky) Glendon Rusch. Listen here!

Anyone who follows Glendon on social media knows he’s a funny and friendly guy and this interview was no exception. Brad and Glendon talked about a ton of stuff, including how he and his family are handling the quarantine, how it most likely wiped out his son’s senior year of high school baseball, how it seems like he was a Cub longer than three years, what it’s like living with a compromised respiratory system in the age of COVID-19, the other former Cub who randomly lives right around the corner from him, his thoughts on Kerry Wood’s 20-strikeout game, his Twitter “beef” with Moises Alou, how it felt to sign with a very talented Cubs team in 2004 after being released by the Rangers at the end of Spring Training, the legendary stories of Ryan Dempster streaking at Stanley’s back in the day and how you’ll never see stuff like that again because of social media, what he remembers about all three of his MLB HRs, what it was like pitching for the Mets in the 2000 Subway Series and then right after Sept. 11, and what he’d sacrifice in order to have life back to “normal” immediately.

Also, Brad was a little sleep-deprived which is why he forgot the Subway Series happened in 2000 and not 2001 and why he accidentally said the Yankees played the Rays in the 2001 Series when everyone knows it was actually the D-Backs. Follow Glendon on Twitter.