After their three-game series against the Cubs was canceled, the Cardinals now have to play 55 games in 40 days in order to complete the shortened season on time.

“Yes, it’s a lot, but if any team is capable of it, it’s the Cardinals,” said MLB Commissioner Rob Manfred. “20 double-headers and three days off. They’ve got this.”

Manfred added that in the case of any rainouts, triple-headers weren’t out of the question.

“We’ve started double-headers with each game having seven innings, so why not triple-headers?” asked Manfred. “Maybe we’ll shave those down to five innings. Why not?”

Manfred also said the assumption the Cardinals can make up so many games in so few days is based on them not coming down with another bout of Covid-19.

“Sure, they haven’t played a game in nearly two weeks, but they got this,” said Manfred. “But I have faith that the ridiculous format I set up for our players during this pandemic will eventually prove itself successful. Just give it time.”

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