For those of you who are fans of the Golf Channel, get ready for a major programming shake-up. In a recent decision that will have a huge impact on their programming, the Golf Channel has announced they will be reducing their Tiger woods coverage to only 23 hours a day.

Fans of golf are naturally going to be in for a major shock. After all, it’s not like they can name another major winner other than Tiger Woods in the last two decades. In fact, the British Open was held this past weekend, and the only reason people can tell you Rory McIlroy was victorious is because they either checked the box scores on the back page of the Sports Section of USA today or they know somebody from McIlroy’s hometown in Northern Ireland (presumably Bono).

As for the critics and naysayers who worry that the new programming change just won’t work, the Golf Channel has responded with an aggressive and diversified line-up to entice new fans, as they get further away from their Tiger dependency.

Here is a sample of the new Golf Channel line-up:

8:00 The Legend of Eldrick
9:00 Tiger Woods, the Stanford years
10:00 The Hallmark Channel salutes Tiger Woods, Husband and Father of the Year
11:00 Rory, Phil, Vj and Sergio share their experiences…on tour with Tiger
12:00 The Road to Recovery…How Tiger Woods came back from his Thanksgiving injuries
1:00 Who’s the kid on the Mike Douglas show?
2:00 How Earl woods raised the best golfer ever
3:00 A nostalgic look back at the 1991 US Junior Amateur Championships
4:00 A Who’s Who of great Stanford Golfers
5:00 The Golf Channel remembers the 60th place finisher at the 1996 Milwaukee Open
6:00 Our unbiased panel debates: Just how dominant Tiger will be at his next Major Championship
7:00 A Who’s Who of great African-American Golfers
8:00 Caddyshack (Tiger’s favorite movie)