Saturday, May 25, 2024

WWE officials defect to NBA for better pay, easier calls

“I mean we never see anything in the ring anyways, but those NBA guys basically collected a giant check and didn't do anything for 48 minutes,” said Doan. “Plus, I don't expect Dwyane Wade to pull some brass knuckles out of his trunks so this should be a breeze.”

Raffi Torres to return to Chicago for WWE Extreme Rules later this month

Newly suspended Phoenix Coyotes winger Raffi Torres is turning to a new outlet to unleash his violent streak. Since being handed a 25-game suspension, Torres was immediately contacted by WWE and offered a guest spot during their “Extreme Rules” event at Allstate Arena, Sunday, April 29. Torres agreed to terms almost immediately.

Thinking he is dead too, Hulk Hogan tries to renew Macho Man rivalry with...

Upon hearing of the untimely passing of pro wrestling great Randy “Macho Man” Savage, former rival Hulk Hogan took time out of a busy day of trying to not picture his own daughter naked to take hold of what he believed was a golden opportunity.

NASCAR announces participation in UFC 131 amid recent driver feuds

NASCAR made an announcement this morning that it no longer had "no choice" in how the drivers dealt with their off-track feuds. Instead, officials announced they would provide an instrument for channeling their negative energy by having the most recent feuding drivers participate in the next UFC 131 pay-per-view event.

MLB owners vote Selig out of office, replace him with Vince McMahon

Citing his unwillingness to adapt the league to keep up with professional football and basketball — as well as an unbearable “old man smell” — baseball owners voted Bud Selig out as MLB Commissioner. The lone dissenting vote came from Sox owner Jerry Reinsdorf, also a crotchety old man.

The Rock calls out Joakim: ‘There’s only one People’s Champion, jabroni!’

WWE legend The Rock was none too pleased with comments Joakim Noah made after Saturday night's stirring victory, when he asserted the Bulls feel like the "People's Champ."