With the recent onslaught of on-track and off-track drama, NASCAR has been busy the last few weeks taming their out-of-control drivers. What troubled officials was how to discipline drivers through other means rather than the standard slap on the wrist and not-so-hefty fines.

NASCAR made an announcement this morning that it no longer had “no choice” in how the drivers dealt with their off-track feuds. Instead, officials announced they would provide an instrument for channeling their negative energy by having the most recent feuding drivers participate in the next UFC 131 pay-per-view event.

Two cage matches will be included with two pairs of drivers slated to duke it out until the last man stands. Juan Pablo Montoya will take on Ryan Newman with Newman slated as the heavy favorite. Newman took an unconfirmed jab at Montoya last weekend so he’s already projected to knock Montoya out in one round.

The second fight will include the most recent feuding pair of Kyle Busch and Kevin Harvick, who lit Darlington up last weekend with their post-race pit road scuffle. Since both drivers don’t know when to shut their mouths, it’s anticipated the match will end when the last driver standing gets the last word in. The match is anticipated to last well into fifteen rounds.

“This is the hype NASCAR needs right now with the way the economy is and race attendance being down,” said reigning champion Jimmie Johnson. “I’m just glad I’m not fighting because I’d get my ass handed to me by any of those guys. But if you ask me tomorrow if I’d fight Jeff Gordon in UFC 132, I’m definitely in.”

By Morgann Spicer

Morgann Spicer