After his pair of thunderous dunks during the Bulls’ 103-82 thrashing of the Heat Sunday night “Taj Gibson dunk” is currently the world’s leading search term, surpassing “sex” and other hot phrases.

“Normally ‘sex,’ ‘Lindsay Lohan drunk’ and ‘Lindsay Lohan sober’ are our three most popular search terms,” said Google spokesperson Mari Vargas. “But this Taj Gibson character has blown them away.”

As of midnight, Google’s top 10 search terms were:

1. Taj Gibson dunk
2. sex
3. Lindsay Lohan drunk
4. Dwyane Wade facial
5. Lindsay Lohan sober
6. Omer Asik girlfriend
7. Is that seriously Omer Asik’s girlfriend?
8. Is Chris Bosh an alien?
9. The Heat suck
10. Lindsay Lohan sex