Sunday, June 16, 2024

Enraged Miami fans lash out at LeBron by vowing to ignore Heat for another...

"We didn't care about the Heat for the four-year period between our first championship and the signing of LeBron, and we sure as hell won't care now," said George Varela of Pompano Beach.

Pat Riley ‘gaga’ over LeBron’s Heat draft picks

While LeBron James is no longer a member of the Miami Heat after opting out of his contract, team president Pat Riley is pleased with the draft that his former superstar orchestrated.

Miami Heat vow to add as many wing players as necessary until interior defense...

“Our defense in the middle was atrocious over the last three games of the finals,” said Riley, referring to a stretch in which the Heat managed just six total blocks. “We’ll look at Carmelo Anthony, who certainly has the ability to create his own shot at the end of the 24-second clock.”

Blackhawks to face Heat in Stanley Cup/NBA Finals hybrid

"This will finally determine if the Blackhawks have an answer for LeBron James," said ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A Smith. Smith was in full support of the idea, after last year when he claimed that the Heat were more impressive than the Blackhawks.

LeBron’s broken nose has double-double in return to court

LeBron James’ broken nose had a double-double with 13 points and 10 assists in its return to the court in the Heat’s 123-98 win against the Knicks in Miami. LeBron’s nose was broken in a game against the Thunder last week.

ESPN promises to ignore all other sports news for the next 24 hours following...

"We will make sure to replay and over-analyze the Bulls and Heat game so much over the next 24 hours that no fan will be left wanting more, and in fact, all fans of sport everywhere will be desperately begging for us to talk about something other than that three minutes LeBron had to play without his headband on."

LeBron upset he can’t add wedding ring to catch Jordan

"Aw man, a ring's a ring," James said. "ESPN told me I could include it. They love me there. Could I buy other players' rings or do I really have to win give more to pass Michael? Man, that's a lot of flopping."