The NHL and NBA came to a mutual agreement on Monday, stating that the Chicago Blackhawks would be playing the Miami Heat for an interleague championship.

“We realized it was pointless to have an NBA playoffs this season, because we have already made the necessary preparations for the the Heat to win once again,” said NBA commissioner Adam Silver in a press conference Monday.

“This will finally determine if the Blackhawks have an answer for LeBron James,” said ESPN NBA analyst Stephen A Smith. Smith was in full support of the idea, after last year when he claimed that the Heat were more impressive than the Blackhawks.

The competition will be held in May and will consist of a best of three hockey series and a best of three basketball series. “We are prepared for the possibility that the competition may never end, but at least we’ll be able to sit back and watch the only two teams people care about without having to play unnecessary playoff rounds,” said NHL commissioner Gary Bettman.