Friday, March 1, 2024

Blogger looking silly for predicting trade of Seabrook, Kane, Toews, Sharp, Crawford, Campbell, Hossa...

As the NHL trade deadline approaches, Blackhawks blogger Scott Carney is starting to fear none of the eight key Chicago players will be dealt to other teams as he predicted last week.

Heat surprised to learn they haven’t already won NBA Finals

Just a day after the Miami Heat held a raucous celebration that made Charles Barkley blush to honor their playoff series win over the Celtics, Miami players were surprised to learn there were two more rounds to the playoffs before anyone will be winning the 2011 NBA title.

Bosh preparing even better flop than last time Heat and Bulls played

Heat forward Chris Bosh is working on outperforming his famously terrible flop from this winter when Miami last played the Bulls. He's not exactly sure how he'll do it yet.

Anxious Bulls fans riot preemptively, just in case team doesn’t win it all

"This is a great team," said Bucktown resident and fan, Martin Held, as he torched a car on Madison and Damen. "But I'm not taking any chances. I decided to get my rioting in now just in case the Hawks series is the last one we win this season."

Heat teammates tell overrated Bosh next round will be in Atlanta

After being mislead by teammates who don't want him around for the rest of the playoffs, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh expressed his excitement at continuing his team's postseason run, and told media sources he was healthy and ready to play Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday night in Atlanta.

Terrified Derrick Rose thinks Mike Bibby is actually a ghost

During the first game of the Eastern Conference finals between the Bulls and Heat, a visibly shaken Derrick Rose spent much of the game assuming he was being haunted by a ghost on court, until coach Tom Thibodeau informed the league MVP that it was just Miami point guard Mike Bibby.

‘Taj Gibson dunk’ surpasses ‘sex’ and ‘Lindsay Lohan’ as world’s top Google search term

After his pair of thunderous dunks during the Bulls' 103-82 thrashing of the Heat Sunday night "Taj Gibson dunk" is currently the world's leading search term, surpassing "sex" and other hot phrases.