After being mislead by teammates who don’t want him around for the rest of the playoffs, Miami Heat forward Chris Bosh expressed his excitement at continuing his team’s postseason run, and told media sources he was healthy and ready to play Game 1 of the Eastern Conference finals Sunday night in Atlanta.

“I was surprised that the Bulls didn’t advance, to be honest,” Bosh told reporters. “But when Dwyane and LeBron told me that Atlanta had advanced instead, and that I shouldn’t read any sports articles or watch the news, I was ready to take on the Hawks!  I thought it was strange that we’d be playing the first game on Sunday, since I would have expected to get home court advantage, but LeBron said it was a new rule because we were so good with me being on the team.”

Team sources said Bosh already booked his own hotel and flight to Atlanta for Game 1. “When Bosh asks why he has to get to Atlanta on his own, tell him the team plane is in for repairs or something,” the source said.

James told reporters that given Bosh’s last performance against the Bulls he and his teammates felt it best Bosh be 750 miles away from the United Center.

“Guys, cool it, okay?” said James. “As far as Chris is concerned, he will be playing against Atlanta.  Don’t mess this up for us.”

Jeff GoodSmith