Heat forward Chris Bosh is working on outperforming his famously terrible flop from this winter when Miami last played the Bulls. He’s not exactly sure how he’ll do it yet.

“The last one was so bad it looked like a sniper had taken me out from the rafters,” said Bosh. “I’m thinking this one will be so bad that I might make it look like I’m being mauled by a tiger.”

Outmatched by Carlos Boozer and Joakim Noah back in February, Bosh went 1-for-18 from the floor in one of the all-time worst performances in NBA history. He said the flop from that game has helped people forget in ineptitude otherwise.

“When you’re getting you ass kicked out there you’ve got to do something to change the subject,” said Bosh. “That’s where my flops come in. Still trying to figure out how to pull one off this time. Whatever I do, it’s guaranteed to be epic, unlike my play on the floor.”