Sunday, November 27, 2022

LeBron to start flopping clinic for kids after playoffs

Who said LeBron James doesn't give back to the community? King James will have his first-ever flopping clinic for kids after the playoffs.For the low cost of $500, James will spend an afternoon with...

LeBron furious only Kobe and Jordan mentioned in Phil Jackson memoir

After Phil Jackson's memoir, "Eleven Rings," was revealed to contain a section where the Hall of Fame coach compared Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, LeBron James has spoken out to media to express his displeasure that Jackson failed to mention him in the conversation, despite the fact that James never once was coached by the former Lakers and Bulls coach.

Dwyane Wade doll recalled for excessive crying

“Ugh, that doll is so irritating,” a dissatisfied customer griped. “For the longest time it didn’t make a peep. Then all of a sudden every time my daughter touches the thing it starts crying. Heck, it’s reached the point where the doll starts waa-ing when my daughter just gets close to it.”

Chris Bosh denies being a velociraptor, tells reporters ‘NEEEYAHHHHH’

Bosh was clearly upset at the report, viewing it as an insult toward his general appearance and gangliness. He spoke long and eloquently at a press conference to deny these rumors, telling reporters, "NEEEYAHHHH, SCREEE SCREEE AYIYIYIYI NEEEUGHHH."

LeBron finally earns college degree

Fulfilling a promise he made to his mother while a senior at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio, NBA all-star LeBron James has earned a college degree.

Blackhawks crush Heat 124-56 in exhibition basketball game

"It wasn't really that hard," said Marian Hossa, who played power forward and held LeBron James to seven points. "Basketball is a very easy game compared to hockey. While this matchup made no sense, maybe it will cause Stephen A. Smith to shut his mouth."

LeBron replaces lens-less frames with double monocles

The wacky world of off-the-court NBA style took another turn this week when LeBron James showed up for a post-game interview with double monocles replacing his normal lens-less glasses.