Who said LeBron James doesn’t give back to the community? King James will have his first-ever flopping clinic for kids after the playoffs.For the low cost of $500, James will spend an afternoon with aspiring young basketball players teaching them the finer points of the flop.

“I will teach the kids how to flop at anytime,” said James. “On the bench, the opening tip, shooting free throws … anytime! Nothing is funnier than deceiving bald, fat guys who think they get to enforce the rules around here.”

One kid, though, will not participate.

“No way I’m paying $500!” said third-grader Danny Esposito after receiving a flyer in school promoting the flopping clinic. “I’m 9 years old! Where am I going to get that much money? Plus, I’m a Pacers fan. The Heat suck, I mean, stink. Sorry Mom.”

Mariotti Jr.