Although he vehemently denied his involvement initially, White Sox pitching coach Don Cooper admitted to creating a Facebook page encouraging the termination of manager Robin Ventura after the Sox were swept by the Cubs earlier this week.

After being grilled by the Sox front office, Cooper eventually came clean, claiming the online effort to out the Sox skipped was merely a joke.

“Um, yeah … it’s just a joke,” said Cooper, whose “Fire Robin Ventura” Facebook page had gathered several thousand followers in less than a day. “It’s just a damn joke.”

Cooper was also accused of behind-the-scenes scheming to protect his own job while the rest of the coaching staff was fired in 2011.

“I hope no one thinks I’m putting my name in the hat when, I mean if, Robin is fired,” said Cooper. “Yes, I would get a better parking spot if I become manager, but that’s not important. I’m not in this just for me. I’m all about the team.”

Mariotti Jr.