While LeBron James is no longer a member of the Miami Heat after opting out of his contract, team president Pat Riley is pleased with the draft that his former superstar orchestrated.

“We were happy to turn over the keys of the Miami Heat clown car to LeBron,” Riley said. “I’m gaga over the picks.”

In the first round, the Heat chose former D-League and North Carolina forward P.J. Hairston promptly trading the pick to Charlotte for UConn point guard Shabazz Napier. “A genius move. Who’d of thunk it,” Riley said.

However, James’ biggest move of the night was drafting a second point guard, Samaj Christon of Xavier, in round two.

“I never heard of the guy, so I had to Google him,” said Riley. “Can someone tell me where Xavier is located? I think it’s a junior college in, like, Iowa.”