After falling in five games to the Spurs earlier this week, Miami Heat team president Pat Riley promised to aggressively seek out trades and free agent signings for offensive-minded wing players this off-season. The Heat — who were out-rebounded by 28 over the course of the NBA Finals — have stated their desire to pursue Knicks shooter, Carmelo Anthony, as a possible defensive stopper for the upcoming 2014-2015 season.

“Our defense in the middle was atrocious over the last three games of the finals,” said Riley, referring to a stretch in which the Heat managed just six total blocks. “We’ll look at Carmelo Anthony, who certainly has the ability to create his own shot at the end of the 24-second clock.”

Added Riley,  “For some reason, I just feel a player like Carmelo [Anthony] is pivotal for us, not just because we lack interior defense, but because we’re also in desperate need of a heady, pass-first point guard, neither of which he is.”

As of press time, Riley was on the phone with Knicks president Phil Jackson about a sign-and-trade deal for Anthony that would also include offensive gunner. J. R. Smith, whom Riley figures will offer absolutely no help at shutting down other team’s big men.

Andy Metz