It’s one thing for NBA teams to night-after-night try to defense the greatest basketball player in the world, now his broken nose is getting into the act.

LeBron James’ broken nose had a double-double with 13 points and 10 assists in its return to the court in the Heat’s 123-98 win against the Knicks in Miami.  LeBron’s nose was broken in a game against the Thunder last week.

“I was a little concerned early in the game when Tyson Chandler threw an elbow at me,” LeBron’s broken nose said. “But I kept sticking myself into everyone else’s business and it paid off.”

“My broken nose was great tonight, real clean,” James said. “Man, it just ran and ran all night long. And the pick … and roll was off the hook!”

LeBron’s broken nose is expected to get a start in the Heat’s next game along with Chris Bosh’s chin and Norris Cole’s hair.

The Knicks were led in scoring with 30 points by Carmelo Anthony’s sorry ass.