A number of officials from the world of professional wrestling have recently left the stress-filled squared circle for the laid-back courts of the NBA. Long-time WWE referee Jack Doan came to his decision while watching the NBA Finals, during which he noticed basketball officials have a much easier job.

“I mean we never see anything in the ring anyways, but those NBA guys basically collected a giant check and didn’t do anything for 48 minutes,” said Doan. “Plus, I don’t expect Dwyane Wade to pull some brass knuckles out of his trunks so this should be a breeze.”

NBA spokesperson Michael Flanders scoffed at the idea that WWE officials think they will breeze through a game.

“Those rasslin’ guys are going to be in for a rude awaking once they step on that court,” said Flanders. “Everything we do is real. Nothing is fake. When LeBron falls to the ground, he was actually hit and not taking a fall.”

Meanwhile, WWE refs are looking forward to a cakewalk in their new league.

“When we count to 10 when someone is outside the ring it really is 10 seconds,” said WWE official Mike Chioda. “Sometimes those NBA guys take nearly 30 seconds for a half-court violation and no one cares!”

Benjamin Trecroci