Like millions of citizens across the globe, Josh Michaels can barely remember watching sports. But at this point, he doesn’t care to remember them as he has found a satisfying alternative. 

“I have been quarantined almost five weeks now,” said Michaels from Des Moines, Iowa. “I spent the first week sad about not having any sports. But then I picked myself up by my bootstraps and I found this website where you can just watch to see if the DVD logo will ever hit the corner of the screen. Sure I lost my job and so did my wife but truth be told I’ve never been happier.”

“After 40 years of marriage this is the happiest we’ve ever been,” said Josh’s wife, Sally. “I never cared much for football or baseball or any of that. But the DVD logo, I can’t get enough and it’s brought us closer.”

Josh and Sally approximate they have watched over 100 hours of the DVD logo bounce but have yet to see the magical moment.