Major League Baseball’s quest to return to action took another turn Thursday when sources leaked the league is now contemplating a four-month 162-game schedule starting “some time between June 1 and Nov. 1” that will involve several triple-headers a week.

Also being discussed are packing the stands with hologram fans and using robot pitchers when needed.

“At this point they’ll try just about anything,” said one source. “Rob Manfred is a guy whose ideas are never outlandish enough.”

Added the source: “Any reasonable person knows it’s far too premature to discuss a return to baseball until human beings are at least allowed to leave the house without fear of immediately vaporizing, but here we are, kicking around all these insane proposals that the media and fans will immediately accept as fact.”

Manfred will reportedly do “whatever is necessary” to salvage some form of a season.

“It has been considered to play the entire season on MLB The Show 20 but Rob was afraid kids might enjoy that too much and then officially never watch live baseball again,” said the source. “That’s Rob for you: always thinking.”