Today’s Wellness Check guest is Brett Taylor, who founded Bleacher Nation and has been doing it full-time for roughly a decade. Listen here!

He’s built a huge following thanks to his thorough and never-ending coverage of the Cubs. In the last few years he’s added several full-time staffers and Bears and Bulls coverage to the mix.

He and Brad had a super-interesting conversation about how he’s handling the quarantine personally and professionally, the roots of Bleacher Nation, how we should handle all the speculation about what a shortened MLB season might look like, how he has “sources” but doesn’t break much news himself, his thoughts on things like the 2020 Cubs before the quarantine, robot umps, a universal DH, whether Rob Manfred is a genius or an idiot, the three-batter minimum, the time he emailed The Heckler about writing for us and we apparently never responded, what he’d sacrifice for the quarantine to end ASAP, and much more.

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