Former Bull Rusty LaRue is reportedly in disbelief there’s a 10-part documentary coming out about his 1997-1998 rookie season.

“It’s crazy to think ESPN cared so much about my rookie season to devote 10 hours of airtime to it,” said LaRue about “The Last Dance,” a 10-part documentary featuring the last title run of Michael Jordan’s Bulls. “I’m super-pumped because those 14 games I played in that year meant a lot to me too.”

LaRue said he was surprised ESPN didn’t contact him at all for interviews or other footage.

“It would have been nice if the called me to get my take on some of my highest moments that season,” said LaRue. “How else will the get the perspective on my nine-point game against Washington or five assists I had all season?”

Added LuRue: “Guess I’ll have to be surprised when I’m watching it just like everyone else.”