Jim Belushi and John Cusack toasted their lifelong, diehard Loyola University fan status with ABC7 Chicago sportscasters after the Ramblers’ thrilling Sweet 16 victory in the NCAA basketball tournament Thursday night.

“Whoo-hoo! Did you SEE that win? The Ramblers are my team!” exclaimed Belushi by Skype, sporting his new, fresh-from-the-bookstore-via-FedEx Loyola t-shirt and brightly colored scarf. “And they always have been, in my sweet home Chicago.”

Added Cusack, also by Skype, “Awesome, man! How about that winning shot by Marques Townes? I LOVE Loyola and have always been a diehard, since I first heard of them last week.”

“So were you guys in Atlanta for the game?” asked ABC7 Sports anchor Mark Giangreco. “I did not see you in the courtside seats.”

“Um, well no, I wasn’t,” admitted Belushi. “I was on my couch in Los Angeles. But I cheered VERY loudly. The Sweet 16, that’s kinda crowded. And Atlanta, that’s kinda far away.”

Replied Cusack, “I wasn’t either. But I did have my new Loyola cap on when I received my iPhone game updates.”

Jeff Garlin, upon hearing about the conversation from Giangreco, said “What? Those two posers are clearly not Loyola Blue Demons fans like me. I’ve been to several home court tilts in Evanston. Chris Collins is doing an exceptional job with those young men.”

Asked to weigh in on Belushi and Cusack, Bill Murray said, “Who?”