Sunday, July 14, 2024

Urban Meyer pledges to grind on women half his age in private only from...

Embattled Jaguars coach Urban Meyer issued an apology Tuesday morning, saying he will mend his ways after a scandalous video surfaced involving him dancing suggestively with a much younger woman who wasn't...

Rutgers boldly predicts undefeated 2020 football season

Rutgers football coach Greg Schiano made a bold prediction today.

Jim Harbaugh goes green by sewing facemasks out of his khakis

Wearing facemasks is in right now and being environmentally friendly while doing so is the classic double whammy. Jim Harbaugh has set an example and the entire world should take notes. He has taken his very own, game worn, khaki pants and sewed them himself into facemasks for his entire family.

MLB owners meet with NCAA to learn how to convince their athletes to play...

“I think what’s best for everybody in this situation is if the owners keep all of the money and the players play for free,” said Yankees’ owner Hal Steinbrenner. “We want baseball to be played this year. The players want that, the fans want that and we want that. We are willing to do whatever it takes as long as it doesn’t involve making less money.”

Second-Best Sports Town Tourney Reaches Furloughed Four

“Anywhere Else” is in prime position to win the Second-Best Sports Town Tourney with not one but two spots in the Furloughed Four. They are joined by Denver and Pittsburgh.

Second-Best Sports Town Update: ‘Anywhere Else’ advances twice

“Anywhere Else” continued its improbable run while Pittsburgh and San Francisco are also headed to the Isolated 8.

Exclusive March Madness 2020 Documentary: What Would Have Happened

The 2020 NCAA Tournament might not have happened but the memories of what could have been can live on forever with this commemorative four-part documentary series the whole family can enjoy. “March Madness 2020: Wild Speculations.”