The 2020 NCAA Tournament might not have happened but the memories of what could have been can live on forever with this commemorative four-part documentary series the whole family can enjoy. “March Madness 2020: Wild Speculations.”

Relive for the first time the amazing memories of when that 12 seeded school whose name you can’t quite remember danced their way to the Elite 8 on the backs of five gritty white dudes and Sister Jean’s friend, Donna. 

Watch every single buzzer beater that could have definitely happened in stunning 4D!

Did Duke get bounced in the first round like everyone hoped? Was this the year a 16-seed finally won it all? Did Bob Huggins go rogue and throw away his sweat suit for a real suit? Would any of it have mattered considering the winning team’s title probably would have been vacated anyway?

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